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Hi,  I'm Colin Fox,  CEO of EMF Projects and owner of this blog, it's great to have you here!

What my agency does is helps small businesses increase their bottom line profits.

We do this without you having to spend more money on advertising.

IBM and Dell use parts of our marketing system so the businesses that use these concepts aren't too small!

I share most of the concepts right here on this blog for free.

See this page for case studies and testimonials.

Here's my story about becoming a small business marketing specialist...

Unlike most probably 99% of the marketers online, I don't really have a story of hardship or of struggle. 

None that I didn't have myself to blame for anyway! 

I've been homeless (in Spain), been in 2 really bad car crashes that ruined any sports ambitions I had, and had a brain operation for meningitis, which I should have died from, when I was younger. 

I think this made me a bit different from anybody else as I basically had to re-learn 7 years of schooling in a summer holiday, hence pretty poor at maths but pretty decent, barring this blog, at English. 

I had a grasp that my own life could end at a really early age and so it gave me the 'can do' and 'let's go for it' attitude to life that I have to this day. 

All in all, I've had a pretty eventful life, lived in the most interesting parts of the UK, lived in Spain for a while, seen most of Western Europe with Czech Republic thrown in and seen most of the USA from an aeroplane. 

After I didn't get into the Royal Marines, due to ripping the calf muscle off my leg, and doing my knee in on a run so I had to crawl home 3 miles through mud in November wind and rain, I went to work at Butlins. 

Had a pretty good laugh, and met two of who I consider to be best friends to this day, while I figured out what I was going to do. 

Ended up getting a job in a factory that is still the best job I had for enjoyment - until I got promoted. 

Didn't enjoy it anymore so answered an ad for a trainee manager marketing job in Edinburgh. It was commission only on a self employed basis and so I took the job even though I'd just bought a flat, was 19 and had never done sales before. 

I stayed there for a bit and then went to work down in offices in Leeds, where I worked for the Yorkshire Post advertising section, a Freephone Local Directory and a stint in a marketing office in London.  

It was quite funny when we returned back to work at the Freephone Directory after new year and the office was still shut as the owner had done a bunk with all our pay and bonuses!  Charming.  I do remember getting paid though eventually.


Anyway, that was enough of the cold, so onto sunnier climes.  3 of us ended up in Tenerife. 

Had a pretty good time, met some really weird people and some really cool people but it seemed to be the place where everyone with some sort of problem, such as wanted by Police, went to get away.  

Think Star Wars cantina and you're somewhere close! 

Anyway, it was here that I started getting involved in the music side of things, helping live acts in with their equipment and help (read hinder them with) setting it up. 

I then found my Sister's boyfriend was a sound engineer and so decided to see if I could do something about it when I got home. Lo and behold, went to a gig and there is one of my best friends working the sound desk. 

Ended up going through college, getting a BSc in Audio Technology with Multimedia and a Masters Degree in Sound Design. 

I then broke my hand in a freak accident, in Edinburgh. 

This meant that I lost all of my contacts that I had built up over the last 6 years as I couldn't work anymore holding up booms and carrying equipment.

So, here is where the small and home business marketing specialist comes in…

Broken hand... Something lost, something gained!

From the stuff I learned as a trainee marketing manager in Edinburgh, the different advertising and sales departments and my degrees, I now have over 15 years experience in sales and marketing as a trainer and as a guy out in the trenches. 

As mentioned, I broke my hand in Edinburgh, it was when I was just finishing my MSc. 

When you're a sound engineer, you rely on building up contacts and then finding out about gigs. I got asked (friend of friend) to do a documentary for the Norwegian equivalent of the BBC but couldn't take it as the hand injury meant I couldn't hold the boom for 12 hours on the trot. 

The hand injury, that I thought was a sprain, ended up being broken and, as I waited for 6 months on it healing itself before going to the Doctor about it, meant I had to get a bit taken off my hip and screwed into my hand.  Also needed tendons swapped from finger to thumb and other stuff over 2 and a half years and 2 operations. 

Needless to say the documentary was finished before that and nobody called me for work after about 6 months of me saying I couldn't! Quite glad really considering and I can always go back to it if I wanted as it was the first thing I'd really been into. 


After the op, due to being unable to work, I was on incapacity benefit.

Whilst on this, I found out that the government had a scheme for going self employed for people claiming benefits. It was a 6 month course with a mentor (I'll be forever indebted to my mentor Kevin) and all I had to do was come up with something that I could be self employed in and put a business plan together. 

So, I was looking online for ideas for using my marketing knowledge to help other sound engineers, sound designers, film makers etc how to market their businesses.

I came across Michael Senoff and Richard Johnson (the creator of the system which Dell and IBM use parts of and which I bought the rights to use as well.) 

Richard was a Jay Abraham protege and he taught me how to help small/medium sized businesses market themselves without spending more money on advertising. 

Using the system for my own business (sound production software and training course, niche websites) I did a couple of workshops with the Business Gateway in Scotland which is a government organisation providing help and support to local businesses.


I also put out a product or two, with a business partner, teaching businesses how to create relationships with prospects and customers, amongst other things. 

Bolaji Testimonial Val Testimonial Stefan Testimonial

Anyway, I got a few clients and all was going well until I  had my websites hacked. 

This meant no leads coming in, no sales of my marketing books and my one-on-one business model which was based on being paid after I had finished the work meant no money was coming in.

Testimonial Alan

Fast forward to today, I've gone through a bit of adversity, and I now have all my marketing stuff back and have been mentored by some of the best marketers on the planet.

And... I get messages like this!

Esther Testimonial

What I do, and what this blog hopefully does, is help businesses increase their revenue without spending any more money on traditional advertising by optimising what you are already doing, streamlining what you want to do in the future using offline and online marketing strategies such as:

  • Video Marketing as studies show this can increase sales massively due to people being more likely to watch a video than read something.  Plus Google owns Youtube so likes to rank videos quite nicely!
  • Web design concentrating on your website bringing in leads and making sales.
  • Search Engine Optimisation so people actively searching for what you sell can actually find you.

I've also got into mainly Web Design, SEO and Video Marketing for local businesses and started doing affiliate marketing again in a couple of niches that interest me.

So, thanks for being here, I hope you get loads of value.

Here’s my contact details, have a great day, and hopefully I can help you with your business soon.


P.S. Some more stuff about me...

  1. I trained for a few weeks with the WUMA world Kung Fu champion, Scott Shaw and he didn't kick my ass!
  2. We  once got beat 9 - 0 at Ice Hockey and I was man of match.  I was the netminder!
  3. I got my nose broken 3 times in same week.  Once at football and twice at boxing.  Learned quickly.
  4. I love walking in the hills with my dog, Cedric.  
  5. I like real Ale.
  6. I once shaved my chest to impress a girl and she thought I looked like an alien so dumped me!
  7. Support Liverpool FC - might be able to shout about that soon! (my Dad was on the books with them in the 60's in the 'A' team) 
  8. I used to have skinhead but, with the scars on my head from Meningitis, I looked a bit angry!
  9. I hate the wind.