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man throwing boomerangI'm going to let you in on something that nobody in your whole industry is doing which can get you customers who already know who you are and at the fraction of the cost you are getting them now.

How do i know that no-one in the whole home theater industry is doing this thing?

Well, i have been to most of the top 20 to 30 sites in each community in the U.S. I have not been retargeted by any home theater business so i know that no-one is doing it!

What is this retargeting thing?

It is really simple, here is the 5 step process:

  1.  Someone visits your website.
  2. The person is "cookied" which means that a bit of code is triggered for that person.
  3. The website visitor leaves your website, 98% chance never to return (if no retargeting is in place.)
  4. The "cookie" starts to work and shows your website to the person wherever they are online (could be Youtube, Facebook, news sites etc.)
  5. The person sees your website advert and returns to your site in order to carry through with the action they did not complete when they visited your site initially (phone you, fill in a form etc.)


Why is it important?

It takes an average of someone coming into contact with your marketing message 7 times for them to buy from you.

A very small percentage of people will buy on the first visit.  This means that as high as 98% of website visitors will never come back and so you have lost them forever.

Enter retargeting.

There are 2 types of people.

  1.  People that do business with you.
  2.  People that don't.

But, there is a third type of person that some business owners have come to know...

People that know who you are, know what you do but they don't do business with you... YET.

So, now there is a way of tracking those people who would never come back (because they haven't bookmarked or joined your mailing list) and get them back to your site by making sure they see your ads as they click around the internet in their day to day online activities like go on Facebook and so on.

It's probably happened to you already...

For example, you visit Amazon to look at something but you don't buy it only to see the thing at a few different websites you consequently visit.  That's Amazon using retargeting on you.

It isn't just a thing the big boys can do either, and it significantly reduces your advertising investment.

This is because the person subconsciously knows you and so sees your advert and is more likely to visit your site.

When they are at your site, your conversions and sales are increased because the visitor now subconsciously knows, likes and trusts you as they have been seeing your ads and your web presence all over the place as they go about their daily web surfing.



How to put retargeting into action for your AV business.

An every day example of how this can help...

You write a piece of content about a new piece of equipment or a case study for a theater you have installed for someone.

You share this information in groups and forums etc, and do a bit of search optimising so people using Google can find the post.

People visit your post, get informed and are interested in what you do...

But, they don't pick up the phone to call you...

They are "cookied" though.

Now, when they are going about their business on Facebook, for example, they just happen to notice an ad from you in their newsfeed.

It's just a reminder to come over to your site as, at the moment, you are having a deal on xyz and to take advantage of it now while they still can.

"You forgot to take advantage of our offer"

They now revisit your site and give you a call.

You make a sale.

The reason it reduces cost is because the retargeting costs are less and you are only targeting people who are actually, definitely interested in what you do and what you offer rather than the spray and pray methods a lot of advertising does like newspaper and even industry magazines and booths because these people are actively searching for your products NOW!

If this sounds interesting to you, we can have a chat.

Give us a call on:

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and we can see about growing your home theater business together, thanks for now!

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