How Can Content Help My AV Website Visibility Online?

man writing a blog post providing valuable contentYou have probably been hearing that you should be providing valuable content for your website visitors and that Google loves websites that have up to date and frequent content to show.

But, a lot of the information about providing content is geared towards business to business companies and other marketers to inform them what they should be writing about.

What about normal business that have products and services to sell to the public?

What sort of stuff should they be writing about and sharing?

And, to go one further, how content (and what sort) will help a website for a home theater business become more visible online and get more customers?

Read on to find out...

I know, from being in the audio industry, that the technology changes almost daily so there are many pieces where you can write about gear.  The people who are wanting high end gear and home theaters are generally going to be pretty clued up about things like that.

The layman who wants a home theater but doesn't know where to start is a different story...

You can write "How to's."

  • How to chose the right amplifier
  • How to choose the right projection screen
  • Best screen for outdoors, and any other frequently asked question you're asked about gear choices and builds.

Pieces on your staff and how your business came into being might be an idea, everyone likes a story.

You can write case studies about the different theaters you have put in, going over any problems and how they were dealt with along with images and videos of the process.

If you ever get stuck for things to write about, head into forums (you're probably a member of some anyway), see what the most asked questions are and write pieces on them.

Then share your writings in those forums and groups where your ideal customers congregate with a link back to the original post on your site.

Check the posting outlines on these forums etc and be careful not to get banned for over promotion.  If in doubt, ask the moderators what you can share.

How does content help your business grow?

At the end of your post, you have a call to action which tells your website visitors what you want them to do next.

This can be to pick up the phone and call for a quote, fill out a form to get a 10% off coupon etc.

Don't get bogged down with the time it takes, you can write 100 words a day that will have you a 700 word post every week.  It doesn't have to go into too much technical detail.

You can write a major case study a month.

There are people searching for speakers and home theater installation etc in your city right now, you can go to Google Keyword Planner to see exactly how many are looking every month (kind of exactly, the results aren't precisely exact, more a ball park figure!)

The time it takes you, will be well worth it...

You can decide what to write about on a Saturday and take 20 minutes a day to write 100 or so words.

Then another 20 minutes when it is finished to share it around forums and groups you're a member of (G+ communities, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn groups, Pinterest and Instagram.)

Then, you can repurpose the content into videos and Twitter, Facebook posts which give you backlinks and a wider spread for the same piece.

You can also go into Q&A sites like Quora and use your piece of content to answer questions in your niche much like the forums.

There are also Reddit communities you can share in.

In conclusion:

There are loads of ways that helpful, regular content can help your website become more visible online.

The whole point of Google is to provide searchers with what they want and they love websites that are constantly updated.

So, you providing this for Google, results in them putting your website higher in their results as they can see that people are visiting your site, staying a while and so obviously getting value from you.

Then, when you add in your video sharing, sharing in your niche groups/forums and Q&A sites, this also helps with getting backlinks and more visitors.

I hope that helped you see the value in providing value?! ?

If you want to know more about how we can help your business grow and get more visibility online, give us a call on:

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