Negative Publicity Affecting Your Good Reputation?

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

In this day and age, it is so easy for negative publicity (even if it is made up!) to affect someone's good reputation. This is why reputation management is so important in todays business world.

Your reputation can be destroyed at any time by a disgruntled ex-employee, an ex-partner (business or otherwise) or anybody that feels they have a gripe on that particular day.

This post will cover how to deal with bad reviews or a negative brand reputation you may have got through, sometimes, no fault of your own.

And, if it is your fault, I'll give you some useful advice on how to deal with that so people coming across any negative reviews can see that they have been dealt with in a positive and professional manner.

Negative Publicity Affecting Your Good ReputationHow To Deal With Negative Publicity Getting You A Bad Company Reputation.

The first thing you want to do is claim your listing on all of the review sites and any other sites that people can comment about your business and leave negative publicity.

One of the other things you should do is move any reviews down the search results by making profiles on any properties that can outrank the bad reviews relatively easily.

Think Myspace (only using it as an extra bit of protection!), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Google My Business, Press Release Sites etc.

This means that the bad reviews will not have disappeared (that looks unnatural to a prospect) but will have been moved down so potential customers have to dig around a bit to find them.

Then, if they do find them, they can see that they have been professionally and courteously dealt with.

You can then set up a review system whereby, after every transaction, you direct the buyer to a page on your website which asks if they have had a good experience at your place of business.

It has 2 buttons - Yes and No.

If they press "NO" they are taken to an internal contact form where they can unleash their fury and the negative reviewer can be dealt with positively.

If they press the "YES" button, they are taken to Yelp, your Google Business page or any other review property you want to get an increase in positive reviews.

Clever eh?!


Don't Put Your Corporate Reputation At Risk Because Of Negative Publicity


Corporate Reputation At Risk Because Of Negative Publicity


I come across business owners all the time who have problems with bad online reviews.





It amazes me that they haven't claimed their listings on the relevant online websites nor do they have some sort of method in place to deal with any negative reviews as they arise.


Claiming your listings allows you to :

  • Have more control and better ranking of the listing which means more customers will find your business.
  • Removing or commenting on negative reviews will entice people reading the reviews to visit your business.
  • Monitoring the visibility and perception of the business that customers on Google have will allow you to generate more leads.

Being able to update business information like menus, hours of operation, phone numbers, address, website, special deals etc are all vital to generate more customers from the site.


negative-publicity-affecting-your-good-reputation-reputation-management poster

Now I know this may seem complicated, and in some cases my clients have so much negativity being said about them online that it takes a few months to push most of it out of sight.

In many cases though, we can get everything done in a week and you would see an immediate boost in your business because less customers will be turned away by all of the negative publicity.

I strongly recommend you try everything I have outlined here, because bad reviews hurt your business and put your reputation at risk.

You wouldn't be reading this if you did not have negative things being said about you...

Now I know you’re busy running your business, and if you like we can get everything for you and solve this problem once and for all.

My company provides review listing and management services for local businesses, and would like to offer you a discounted rate.

Our service will:

  • Claim your listing on and all other review sites.
  • Optimize your listing to appear higher in those site's results
  • Respond to any negative comments and attempt removal as they happen.
  • Provide you with a monthly ‘Reputation Report’ that will give you a snapshot of mentions of your business online.
  • Set up the system for getting negative reviews pushed down and actually cultivating you positive reviews.


Normally we charge a monthly fee of $997, with a setup fee of $1,497.

But today, I can make you a deal...

If you can put a good word in for us with other business owners, and introduce me to one other person who may need our help, we can do everything for just $497 a month, with the initial set-up fee being waived.

Have a watch of this video and complete the form which comes up around the 4 minute mark.

You'll be asked for some basic information about your business (Business Name, URL) so we can have a look at your online presence.

You will then be taken to a calendar to book a free 20 minute strategy session to go over everything we find, how it is hurting you and answer any questions you have.

I am making you this offer because I know our service will make a dramatic difference in the number of customers coming in your door, and I believe that once you see this difference, you will be willing to recommend our service to colleagues.

Have a watch of the reputation management video here and let us help you combat any negative publicity.

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