Business owners in all industries i.e. retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, and professional practices are wanting more out of their marketing and sales efforts.

A lot of the business owners I speak with are frustrated with the increasing cost and risk of both off-line and on-line marketing.

They want marketing made more simple and prefer a “system” of marketing that can be implemented step by step.

They are anxious to learn more non-traditional marketing and sales processes.

They want to eliminate waste and make their current marketing/sales processes more efficient.

Many of them feel there are sources of new sales in their business but need help in discovering them.

If this is how you feel as well, then read on...

We believe that “hidden” within all companies, regardless of size or industry are undiscovered and sometimes instant opportunities for new sales and profits.

By implementing an 8-Step sales and marketing system these “hidden” opportunities are discovered, leveraged and optimized for EXPONENTIAL SALES WITHOUT HAVING TO SPEND ONE PENNY MORE on traditional marketing and advertising strategies - including web marketing.

About the marketing system...


Our system is exclusively licensed by centers of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership network throughout the United States.

The system has been used by Dell Computers in its small business training program.


Since 1995, The International Guild of Professional Consultants headquartered in Orlando, Florida has endorsed and used the system to train over 2000 members in marketing and sales consulting skills.

In 2006, a Dell marketing firm began to sell the popular Dell Learning System with the Exponential Sales & Marketing System included.

In 2007, IBM showed a Corporate Learning System across the US (including LinuxWorld in San Francisco and BrainShare in Salt Lake City) which features the Exponential Sales Marketing System.

Modern Day Business Problems

Nowadays, online reputations are so important but, a lot of businesses haven’t got this organised properly.

One bad online review means that you will probably be losing out to potential customers as people go to these review sites to see what has been said before making a buying decision.

Since April 2015, you need to have your website mobile optimised or Google say that they won’t rank it anymore!

Then you need to have a grasp on your websites analytics so you know where your traffic is coming from and to stop what isn’t working and do more of what is.

How we can help...

Facebook Ad management - Get better results so that you make more money without spending more on your advertising.


Google Places Ranking - You will be able to reply to reviews and possibly have this review removed or completely drowned out by positive reviews from your happy customers. You will also have the chance to optimize your listing to appear higher in Google’s results, giving you more exposure and ultimately more customers.

Video Ranking - video is quicker to rank than normal SEO so you can be bringing in more leads and business within a matter of days rather than weeks or months!

Reputation Management - don’t lose out on leads and revenue because of bad reviews.

Local SEO - Get found in the search engines by people actively searching for what you have to offer locally.  

Mobile SEO - 94% of people have said that they search for local businesses on their mobile devices.  54% of those people also said they will leave the site if it doesn’t look good on mobile.         

Mobile Site Development - Google said, in 21st April 2015 that sites that are not optimised for mobile devices will not be ranked.  We keep you ahead of the curb so you don’t lose out to competition.

Mobile App Development - Many business owners have ideas for a mobile app but don’t know how to go about bringing it to fruition.  Use this service to bring your ideas to life so you can engage with your customers better thus gaining brand loyalty, provide better customer service and support, offer coupons to get customers back through your doors, and generally stand out from your competition.

Exponential Sales & Marketing System - Increase your bottom line profits without spending any more money on traditional advertising.

Custom sales funnels:  A basic sales funnel with 4 pages (including copywriting, thank you page/upsell 1, upsell 2, upsell 3, email autoresponder set up and 7 emails sequence all the way up to funnels which have cross sells, upsells, 30 email autoresponder sequences, split testing, landing page design, copywriting and so on and so on.

We can help you get exactly what you need, as opposed to other agencies who just try and sell you what will make them the most money.


How we work...

Send me (Colin) an email at to organise an analysis of your business so we can see where you are, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there.

The analysis will last for about an hour and costs $0.00 today instead of $97.00

Even if you decide not to work with us, you will have loads of great actionable advice to take away with you.

So, shoot me over an email to say you're interested.

Provide your business name and url so I can have a look at your online presence and get to know your business before we meet.

I will send you a booking calendar to choose a date and time convenient for you.  There will also be some things to get together for our meet so it runs smoothly (any advertising you do, costs and your sales figures (prospects in, size of list, closing rate and amount of initial transaction.)

This makes it easier for us so we can save time.

The call will be with me personally and it will not in any way be a hard sell as we want to win your business properly and on the right foot.  As I say, even if you decide not to work with us, you will get a lot of useful and actionable information.  And, who knows, you may want to work with us in the future!

Have a great day and chat soon,

Colin Fox (EMF Projects/

P.S.  Email: to book your complimentary business analysis with me personally.  The call will last for about an hour.  We are waiving the usual $97.00 fee today.


What follows are the tools I use to run the main parts of my business.

  • Email autoresponder - Active Campaign
  • WordPress theme - Thesis
  • Content management - Amazon S3
  • Inmotion Hosting VPS plan.
  •, Elance or for outsourcing mundane tasks.