Why Your Website Should Be Readable On Mobile Devices.

I don't know if you heard or not but the big G brought out another update to their algorithm last year.

Us in the marketing arena called it Mobilegeddon - scarey eh?!

The thing is, there wasn't really that much change in search engine results with myself only hearing about a few cases where rankings dropped.  This could be for other things though as i did not look into these cases personally.

However, there is now a definite cause for concern if you don't have a website that is 100% compatible for mobile phones etc.

This is due to Google making a statement in April that come May 2016, they will be factoring in mobile readiness more and more...


There are more people using their smart phones or other mobile devices than are using their desktop computers say Google. What this means as a business owner is that, if your website is not mobile compatible, you are pretty much losing half your income to your competitors who do have their websites mobile ready.

48% of consumers start mobile research with a search engine - See more at: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/8-mobile-marketing-stats-help-you-plan-2016#sthash.3LMZUafa.dpuf

Read more about the mobile device compared to Desktop stats over at Smart Insights.

What does it mean for small businesses?

There's the stats but, how can this be helpful information to a person who has a home theater business or similar?

What it means is that, if you have not got a mobile compatible website, you are losing up to 50% of prospective customers straight away.

If you have a store front selling equipment, yeah okay as they would come to your store if they find you in the vicinity.

But, if you have an installation business, people aren't actively going to be out and about wanting to come and see your workshop or office really..

However, if you think about someone watching a film on their tele and the experience is less than stellar, the wife turns round and says "imagine what that would be like with better speakers!"

The guy sat there with his phone in his pocket, gets it out and starts searching for home theater stuff... Rather than getting up and going to his desktop or laptop...

Guess what? If your business website comes up like the image below in a mobile search, do you really think he is going to click on something that does not say "mobile friendly" when the others around it do?

importance of getting a mobile ready and responsive website



That picture was taken with my own phone with a Google search for "home theater installation Dallas."  There were a ton of results that did not have mobile compatible websites in Google's eyes.

That means you are losing out on thousands of Dollars to your competitors who are mobile ready.

I apologise if it is your business there but i could have picked any.  Not a problem, just give me a call and i can sort it for you! :)

Type my website into Google whilst on your mobile phone and you will see that it is easy to navigate with big enough text to read and click about.  And, if you put my site into the Google mobile site checker, you will see that it passes those tests as well.

How you can get this fully optimised for mobile is to have good local SEO (relevance, distance to the searcher, and your popularity), have your pages loading quickly (Google likes speed) and have it responsive (Google prefers responsive to a standalone mobile site.)

Responsive just means that it resizes to fit the screen of whatever the search is performed on - cell phone, iPad, iPhone, Samsung etc.

You can see how it is going to go in the future for yourself, i am not just saying it, the result from Google itself has just stared at you directly...

If your site hasn't passed the Google mobile ready test, you need to get this organised sooner, rather than later.

To have a chat about how we can get you set up, add me on Skype and let's talk today:

Skype: colin_freelancer (Edinburgh)

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